Topic: Caravan Missing When A Noble House Attacked

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    I pissed off a Noble House by attacking them and acquiring some much needed gear early game (worth it!).

    Later, I had a contract to escort a caravan to a location just north of one of these now hostile cities.

    I was attacked by a 14 strong footman group, and when the battle loaded, there was no caravan included. I thought then, that I might be able to retreat without consequence. I retreated, and then received the aftermath screen that showed that the caravan had been lost.

    So, in addition to the caravan not showing up…. would the Noble House really go after a caravan that belonged to another city? Why wouldn’t they fear angering the other House?

    Attached is the log file of the battle, and the save file right as the Noble House initiates the battle on the world map.

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