Topic: Cash bug spawns 36-45 thousand crowns at the start of game


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    Hey guys so I found this and Im not sure if this is a Exploit thats already been found or if it is an Easter Egg.

    Well at the start of the game ( on all difficulties ) after the intro paragraph if you run to the starting town before the first battle begins. The battle will happn when you get to the town but after you hear a grinding sound in game and then it will deposit anywhere from 36- to 26 thousand crowns on top of your starting amount so you ahve the possiblity to have 49 thousand crowns before you even hire your first 3 new mercs.

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    Hi there, thanks for reporting! We already have this one on our list and are on its heels.

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    Avatar photoThano

    Awesome ya I just had it happen again but it seems like the first battle happens much more quickly then it was 14 hours ago

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