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    Hi. I have one question: Is the % that is shown before hitting, the final one, or it can be reduced further by shields without showing there?

    I am quite new to this game. Last night I managed to kill my entire company in one battle and I was quite frustrated about it.
    I had 12 people, half of them armed with boar spear and shield and my enemies were 8 raiders and 3 poachers. Almost all the raiders had shields. Since the shield wall was completely useless and I did not have the weapons to destroy their shields, I start poking them with the spears and what ever I had in the back row. Even though I tried to hit them for at least 100 times during the battle, when most of the hits had 50% chance of succes, I probably hit the shields for like 80-90% of the time. I didn’t even want to retreat anymore, I just wanted to see for how long can they miss.

    So was I just extremely unlucky, or those 50% chances of hit were without taking the shields in considerations?

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    It’s final.

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