Topic: Charmed bro got hit when tried o leave CZ

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    Avatar photolaViper

    I had fight with witch and she charmed my archer. I engaged him with another bro with shieldwall but instead of attacking my archer tried to escape and got free hits. It’s a bit annoying cause I “didn’t” let my brothers to attack my brothers. And also in this case it’s always better for enemies ai to try escape and get 4 hits instead of making 2 attacks.

    So, there are 3 ways to resolve this
    1)ai behavor for charmed can’t move if engaged.
    2)charmed can leave control zones of allies without interruption
    3)charmed doesn’t get damage but can be interrupted

    Avatar photonope100500

    Yes, suicide by attacks of opportunity is way too cheesy and un-counter-able for player. It’s also pretty much always the optimal behavior, if allowed.
    Either option 1 or 3. Option 2 of letting them move freely outright prevents positioning counter-play, which would be once again cheesy and reduce tactical depth.

    Same should apply to fleeing attempts by charmed bros.

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