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    Good afternoon, I duplicate the material previously posted in the application in this section.
    The main goal: to clarify whether it is possible, whether it is necessary and to listen to the opinion of people who know the mechanics of the game in more detail.

    And so:

    1. Multi-shot crossbow Chi-Ko-Nu (aka automatic crossbow).
    In its incarnation in the game, it is an analog of a three-headed flail, but it beats 2-3 cells from the character in a cone.
    Main features:
    Makes 5 attacks on the selected target + hits nearby targets. This type of attack displays a high (for crossbows) rate of fire and low accuracy.
    Each target receives 5 attacks, each attack throws its own hit roll separately.
    Attack cost 4 action points and 15 fatigue, cooldown 3 action points. Skill with a crossbow reduces costs to a level: attack – 3 points of action, cooldown-2 points of action and also gives a bonus of ignoring armor.

    – weak damage 15-25 units, armor damage 35%, direct damage to health 7-14 units.
    – damage distance of 3 cells.
    – the crossbow is considered a one-handed weapon and can be used in conjunction with small shields. And if you have the skill of using shields – with any types of shields.
    – Regardless of the hit, the target of the attack receives a debuff: under fire, which increases the cost of moving around the territory by 1 point for 1 turn.
    – saves the good old + 15% bonus to crossbow accuracy.
    The possibility of upgrading:
    – flexible tendons-increases damage distance to 4 cells, damage and armor ignoring by 30%
    – bolts with poison caps – when hit, the target receives poisoning and DOT damage.
    – Bolts with flour-debuff “Under fire” is increased to: the cost of moving increases by 2 points for 1 turn.
    Where to find:
    For sale in the citadel, where there is an archer’s workshop. An event is required – good supply, fair and analogs-increasing the probability of good and improved things appearing in the rotation.

    Tactical value: the item is focused on shield fighters, thanks to 5 attacks, it allows you to implement the “quick adaptation” perk, which compensates for the low skill values of tank fighters. Allows you to gain more control over the enemy’s formation.

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    The Chikan pictures

    Mechanics in the game: 1 attack-which hits 3 targets at a distance of 4 cells. Each target receives 5 separate attacks(each rolls its own die on a hit). After the Attack, there is a recharge.

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