Topic: ‘Clairvoyant’ pathfinding on unexplored map

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    Less of a bug, more of a breaker of immersion so I figured it’s more suitable for here than suggestions. I might even be wrong about it too. In any case:

    When clicking somewhere that is revealed but separated by unexplored territory, it seems pathfinding seems to know the shortest route through the fog even though I can’t see it. If this is indeed the case, we could simply change it so that pathfinding can’t include routes touched by unexplored territory

    I’m sure some of the sweats will find something to complain about a change like that (god forbid they lose a single grain of efficiency and convenience), but it does take you out of it knowing that your bros somehow know the way when you don’t!


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    Just realised no photo is showing. Click the grey area to be taken to the actual photo

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