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    Cockatrice Concept
    Drew a rough concept a while ago, did a little adjusting, hope you don’t mind me posting so long after release :p

    The cockatrice would be similar to the Direwolf, but more dangerous, a tad more robust, and fewer in number.

    Cockatrice Stare: AOE stun that encourages you to spread out your troops rather than clump together
    Drilling Peck: 3 successive attacks on one unit.
    Raptor Claws: 2 Axe like swipes of the claw Left to Right > Right to Left

    A Rooster/Cock comes with 2-5 Hens without the “Cockatrice Stare” ability, they instead may spit up to 1 viscous-bile inflicting a slowing effect.
    To an extent this means the Rooster will act as a support, whilst the hens make use of his stun attack.

    As a neat little nod to it’s origin when the rooster or hen has it’s head severed, it produces an animated body that can do light attacks, it will bleed out over 1-2 turns however.

    Love the addition of the germanic wyrm btw, all the best, John


    Beautiful, wish this could make it’s way into the game… would fight some chickens.

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