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    I don’t think this should be added any time soon, but I think there should be some thought put into implementing a “special orders” smithy eventually.

    It’d be nice to, for instance, be able to pay HUGE amounts of money to get a weapon of <X> type, but have that weapon be of impressive quality (rare, but not legendary, quality). So, as an example: maybe my formation is based largely upon crossbows and pikes as a sort of pre-gunpowder Tercio. I might order a special pike to be made, and while it will cost a LOT more than a pike normally does, it WILL be of good quality.

    The same system could be used to implement plate armor. Since plate armor has to be specifically outfitted to an individual, ordering it could be a costly and time-intensive endeavor that produces a suit of armor only one person can wear. You can have the armor re-fitted for someone else to wear, but that costs money and time as well.

    While I don’t think this is a critical feature for the game, it would be a good way to spend money toward the end stages of gameplay when you’ve got mostly level 9-11 troops and you’re trying to find the best equipment so they’ll stay alive.

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