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    Hey guys, I think it would be great to have some kind of in-game compendium, where you can read about special properties, tactics, strengths and weaknesses of different enemies and maybe weapon and armor types. I’m currently playing the new Beasts & Exploration DLC and when you take on a quest that involves Alps, Schrats etc. the quest text would give a hint on what you’re going to meet, but then going into a fight vs. some Alps first time you actually have no idea how you’ll have to fight them and naturally on my first try I had to load the pre-fight auto save because my whole band died sleeping… on one hand this might be fun – to find out how to prepare for an enemy yourself – but it seems like with the new beasts you some times have to apply really specific tactics to not get totally destroyed.

    Now it probably wouldn’t be fun to simply have a book in your inventory where you can read everything right away, but maybe this could be implemented by gathering parts of information throughout the land. Some times a wandering merchant might have special readings about Unholds or Schrats, innkeeps will tell you their folklore about Alps (for some coin naturally), the herbalists would know a thing or two about the local Webknechts and their poison or even other mercenary groups that fought some mean Nachzehrers and Direwolfs could share their knowledge if approached in a friendly manner.
    Maybe your band could even “write down stuff” themselves when they for example conclude that skeletons are best fought with maces, while arrows don’t seem to have much impact at all and that the undead don’t bleed (after fighting these enemies with the related weapon type).

    Those are just a few ideas, there seem to be a lot of possibilities and I think it would greatly improve the immersion since these beasts have been around for quite some time and people should know some things about them. It could also give options with parties that weren’t very interactive yet, like the herbalists grove, ohter mercs and maybe watchtowers etc.

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