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    This is something I’ve brought up before but a couple of years ago, so thought I’d give it another whack…

    An option of starting the game with a concealed map. I’d love this challenge and it would encourage me to get stable among the towns that I know and then explore, rather than just making a beeline for the most profitable area or the ones with the right structures surrounding it, or being tempted to restart a campaign just because the map is un-favourable. I assume this wouldn’t be a difficult thing to introduce, but then again I’m ignorant about coding and my opinion on the matter should be ignored ^^

    On this note, and related to my previous post, I have a secondary suggestion which I imagine the devs would be less keen on but here it is anyway:

    A few more “sliders” at the campaign set-up. Particularly for event frequency. Even if it were just three options as with the economics and battles, where you could choose frequency of (preferably) a variety of events occuring, defined in whatever way you see fit, but especially origin specific events.

    PS – also really happy to see that the new DLC will bring a retinue with non-combat bonuses as it is practically similar to a suggestion I made years ago about brother backgrounds having minor accumulative non-combat effects… which is still a good idea *wink*

    Looking forward to the DLC!

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