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    So very recently (approximately a week ago), anytime I play any of my previous save files or start any new save files the game crashes while travelling on the world map roughly 30 seconds to one minute during travel.

    The issue is repeatable and happens regardless of seed, game, party composition, any number of variables. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game to no avail.

    I have attached both the log file and my directX log file in the crash report rar.

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    So apparently my .rar was rejected for security reasons, I tried uploading the .html. Same problem, I copied and pasted the info from the .html to a notepad document so maybe that will work. EDIT: The copied and pasted log is the “log 1” text and also uploaded is my dxdialog text file.

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    No idea what might cause this for you, I’m afraid.

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    Darn… neither do I, it popped up out of nowhere after having no problems since I bought the game, it rarely crashed even when it was still in Beta. Well, I’ll keep changing stuff till it works or I give up.

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