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    I’ve experienced this same crash 3 times in the last 3 days. It seems to happen occasionally when I’m scrolling with the arrow keys and zooming out on the map at the same time. My computer becomes completely unresponsive and the only solution is a hard restart. I’ve attached the log files from 2 separate instances of this crash.


    Unfortunately the logfiles don’t contain any information as to a crash happening.

    If your whole computer becomes unresponsive, maybe your video card is overheating? I suggest you enable vsync in the game’s options menu and make sure it isn’t overriden in your video card’s settings. Assuming this is actually the cause, you may also want to take a look at the general airflow situation in your case and remove any dust.

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    Thanks for the response, I’ll try the vsync thing. That being said, I’m absolutely certain my video card isnt overheating; unless Battle Brothers is somehow stressing my system more in an hour than an equal amount of time playing Rainbow Six Siege on max settings… And if it is then I would still say that’s a problem on your end lol.

    Thanks again for the response.


    Hey! Since this is a related topic: could we get an option to limit FPS? I have a GF GTX 580 which is prone to overheating (generally). I have VSync enabled but sometimes my graphics card goes very loud in the inventory screen, escape menu and such. I usually try to avoid vsync as much as possible since it often results in fps drops, input lag etc. I much more prefer using a custom FPS limit instead.

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