Topic: Consuming Strange Mushrooms doesn't increase damage of basic 2H attacks

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    The basic (non-AoE) attacks of great-swords/axes/hammers all do some bonus damage to start with (compared to the values stated on the weapon tooltip). However, if you consume Strange Mushrooms, the damage of these enhanced attacks is not increased further, and you’ve lowered your defences and risked sickness for no good reason. It’s a bit of an anti-climax when you try to stack mushrooms with Killing Frenzy …

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    Is it based on the tooltip or yo did testing with actual numbers in damage log?

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    The weapon tooltip for (e.g.) the greataxe always states 80-100 damage, but the tooltip for the Split Man skill states 120-150 damage, whereas the tooltip for the Round Swing skill states 80-100 damage. If you consume mushrooms, the damage for Round Swing is updated to 112-140, but the damage for Split Man remains at 120-150. By contrast, when Killing Frenzy is activated, Split Man and Round Swing are both updated to reflect the +25% damage. Similarly, if the character using the weapon has a bonus due to a trait like Drunk, the tooltips for the individual weapon skills (unlike the weapon tooltip itself) are updated to reflect that bonus.

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    Fixed. It was merely a display issue in the tooltip, though – the damage was applied correctly.

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    Damn. Wish I’d known it was worthwhile all along …

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    Fixed. It was merely a display issue in the tooltip, though – the damage was applied correctly

    Tolltip for Overhead Strike and Smite got broken during that process

    Two-Handed Hammer and Greatsword Base Attack Damage Increased? from BattleBrothers

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