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    Raze the Cemetary of the Dead, I’m just razing a cemetary. The crash occurs at the start of a fresh turn with one enemy unit alive. It’s happened x4 times now, going in for five right now. Hope the error popup is good enough, I can’t find a log in the directory.

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    Were you fighting ghouls? I had similarly several crashes with one ghoul left.

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    Can you confirm that the last living enemy unit was not a Wiederganger (zombie) but a Ghoul, Skeleton or something else?

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    Avatar photoIndus

    The last time I could make it happen was a fleeing Ghoul

    Avatar photoTrig

    This time it was the last orc that was left, hiding in a bush (invisible to me) while two Landsknehts were beating him up.

    The invisible orc is in that bush just right of the white spot. Odd that he’s still invisible to me when my allies are fighting him.

    Edit: Nope. Reloaded and also got same freeze when 8 orcs were still alive. The battle just freezes and nothing happens anymore. And it’s always a forest battle too. Could it have something to do with hiding in bushes?

    Avatar photoIndus

    Had a similar freeze ~an hour ago with an offscreen enemy.
    Ambushed by Undead Scouting party in the forest. Lost Souls instead of Orcs. Battle going as normal until unseen Lost Soul’s turn, game locked up. Loading quicksave to see if it repeats.
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    Error after have to forcefully quit out

    Log attached

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