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    System Specs: AMD dual-core at 2.6 mhrtz under Windows XP SP 3, 2 gb RAM, video card GForce 9400 GT.

    Game runs for about five minutes, then just shuts down the system, requiring the power to be toggled and a full reboot. This is similar to a hybrinate or stand by command, except: 1) Neither of those are enabled on my system, and 2) They are not recoverable without first toggling the power at the source. The tower power switch has no effect.
    On the sort-of bright side, this problem occurs with regularity, approx five minutes into each startup. It is not linked to any apparent action, and indeed the first time it happened the system was idling because I had gone to use the toilet.

    FWIW, the game Banished does the same thing, but randomly. All other software runs fine, so it is doubtful that it is a hardware problem.

    Obviously a serious problem, since the game is basically unplayable without it. Saved games are recoverable, however.

    A separate error is less critical: using the Quit command from the main menu causes the game to hang, and not quit. The Task Manager must be invoked to quit.

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