Topic: Crazy amount of enemies in naturally generated camps for day 5

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    Hi there,

    I believe I’m experiencing a bug. I’m playing on EEL, it’s day 8, and I have 7 guys on my roster. I just entered an enemy camp just outside of town and found myself facing off against 23 zombies and a necromancer. Every other camp that I’ve found so far has a crazy amount of enemies as well–necromancers, bandit leaders, etc.

    What convinced me this was a bug is that earlier (in the same run) I *definitely* encountered some weirdness with a bandit camp just outside of town. Depending on where I hovered my mouse on the camp, different unit compositions would be indicated. Also, in the “scouting” screen if I would repeatedly start and then back out of the menu the composition would change as well. Finally, when I attacked and the battlefield was generated, it had yet a different enemy composition than the scouting screen. I took screenshots, but unfortunately didn’t investigate further nor make a save file for it.

    So given that, I think I’m experiencing a bug with naturally generated camps. Camps generated by contracts are normal. Wandering enemies are normal.

    I’ve attached the save file for the 24 enemy encounter as well as the log. The log says I might be running mods, but it’s just seeing two python scripts I’ve used to generate xls files for the new character backgrounds and item stats. This game was generated on the 14th I believe.

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    I’m having trouble adding attachments. See for the log and savefile

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    thanks for sending over the files!

    I tested the save and it looks like you had a very unlucky worldmap generation. There are 4 undead locations close by and all are generated with a lot of enemy troop points, that is true.
    However, there are other locations around that are manageable, like a hut with 4 Orc young and similar but you happened to not find those.

    The enemy troop composition will change whenever you engage a camp as camps do have a troop point pool that they use to “buy” units. The units themselves are not fixed. This is so that the camps can get more points as the campaign progresses to increase their strenght without being stuck at certain troop compositions.

    The locations that are generated outside of contracts do not scale that much to player level so some of them are not beatable in the early game. Most do hold great treasures though that have to be guarded by according troops.

    In your Save you could try looking Northeast of Krauchwall or Southeast of Hohenwacht for smaller enemy Camps. Enemy camps are constantly generated throughout a campaign so the situation will change later as well.

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