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    I’ve been playing the game according to steam for 18 hours so far and one of the main problems I’ve started to run across is I don’t want to get rid of my level 10 vagabond or one of the other weaker types of characters but i still want to get one of the hedge knights. I figured a simple solution would be to have a base you could make some troops stay at the base so you can get the better character types and level them up. Also this would mean if you loss a person you don’t have to start all over again with a new person.

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    You will able to have more then 12 battle brothers, 12 ready for battle and some extras in reserve. It’s just not in the game yet.

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    it would still be nice to have a base maybe later on being able to send caravans from the base. every game I’ve played about 1/2 of the map i never travel to. being able to alter the map via building bases, roads,towers. Cutting down forest or other stuff would improve to the play ability of the end game.

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    This game is about playing a traveling mercenary band and not about being a land lord or landscape gardener ;)

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    so is the first part of mount&blade. whats to stop this game from being more then just a small mercenary band going from place to place.

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    Having a base of some sort would basically pin you in place and stop you from moving around the map. I know that this is not neccessarily the case in Mount and Blade, but nevertheless our game focus lies elsewhere.

    We try to put up an updated feature list in the next weeks to show you all where the journey is going :)

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