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    Add to the beginning of a new game to choose the percentage of mountains / water / wetlands to the total area of the map. Water is currently unplayable area, but can take up to 30% of the total area is not so large map. Mountain greatly hampered in the center of the card, seriously, I did many times began game anew in the hope to get the map with fewer mountains in the center of the map (can’t get out of the first fight). Nice looking map generator, for example, from the game “Endless Legends”.

    PS: In my opinion, settlements should be placed more evenly.

    PPS: Thanks for good game.

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    you know the alps kinda suck too sometimes and a lot of armies did complain that Britain is an island or venice was on water but still: that didnt change just because someone complained in a forum about it… ;)

    i hope you get that its no offence, its just to get a point across: switzerland, britain and venice flourished because of those features

    its a taste thing really, for me those maps add character and make it more immersive.
    maybe they could make a slider, maybe call it “the bland slider” for that even spacing

    what i actually kinda agree on and that would be hard to achieve (its in the infinetly hard category, they use supercomputers and thousands of scientists for that kind of stuff) but at the same time very awesome:
    make the map generate with geological sense and
    make the towns placement make even more economical,historical,sociological sense.
    the game already does that a bit with the rawmaterial buildings, wich is incredible btw…


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    I just restart couple of times before I get more or less realistic looking world to play. In game like this with its RPG elements I feeling great urge to have some believable “setting”, where towns factions placed in some logical way. When generation is senseless mess I cant play and have fun.

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