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    After playing the game for 100+ in game days. I have got a few features that I thought would improve the game.

    1. Show objective location on quests.
    This is especially relevant to delivery and escort caravan quests. A few ways to do it would be adding a button like “show me the location on the map” in the negotiation screen, which closes the dialog temporarily and pans the world map to the objective. Or, if the more rp way is preferred, including the distance to the objective by distance in days could also work.

    2. More detailed tool tips on active perks and weapons.
    To this day, I am still reluctant to pick rotation for my brothers because I don’t know about the AP/fatigue cost and I am unsure whether both brothers will use AP or just the one using it. It would also be nice to know what is the ap/fatigue costs of tier 3 skills like indomitable, perfect focus, return favour and rally the troops.

    Similarly, having a way to look at the skills given when using a weapon is nice. Maybe just showing the icons of the skills would be more than enough.

    3. Strategic map chase camera, and movement.
    As many have suggested before, having a way to toggle chase camera is good. And so is being to auto chase enemy groups with one click instead of clicking repeatedly.

    That is all for now. Thank you Overhype Studios, for making such an awesome game.

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    2. +

    it’s real must be done long time ago. For new players and for new perks, that will be soon :) Good to know all about perk what you gonna use, but not to get how much it “cost’ only in next battle.

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