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    Lately many players have been complaining about goblin ambushers. Imo This is mostly due to BBs not having enough fatigue to keep shield wall up all the time, complemented by the fact that most players prefer to max out melee defence instead of ranged defence. My solution to this is quite simple. Give our BBs a crouch skill which works in ways similar to the shield wall skill. Statswise crouching should cost 4AP but little to no fatigue. Crouching should grant 15% ranged defence buff and a -10% melee defence and attack penalty. On its own it does little for a BB but combined with Passive bonus from shields it should work quite well against accurate enemy marksmen, especially in early game.

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    Forgot to mention, crouching should not stack with passive buff from perks like anticipation and too-fast-for-you

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    Crouching on a medieval battlefield, every turn represents just a few secounds in the battle. Don’T think its a viable option here, but thats just my opinion.

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    Wolves are/is right, especially with such fast charging Ork Units on the battlefield…
    Young Ork: “look at this humanscum crouching — maggot!!!”
    Ork Warrior: “He taking a shit – me scaring him shitless — NOT!!!”
    Ork Berserker: “AIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIIIIII!!!!”

    And given that the brothers do not have visible legs – what would the animation look like?

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