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    Not sure if this belongs in the bug section, for me it does.

    In my cultist campaign I have noticed two issues that I hope can get a fix.

    1. The new look on the world map dissapears when you get professional reknown. Didn’t happen with Beast Slayers or Poachers. It’s immersion breaking.

    2. We have made a lot of sacrifices in this campaign. Now it turns out that somehow cultist, even “Chosen of Davkul”, get the drunkard trait because of the “lost to many brothers”. This seems like an overlook. They don’t lose morale in battle when friendlies go down. They are super happy about sacrifices. Why would they care about having lost fellow brothers? Have had two leave the company seconds after I tried to remove the trait by whipping. That is not great when you have limited recruitment options, and it takes a long time to get someone to chosen.

    Hope you read this devs, and great game btw :)

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