Topic: "Cursed" New Recruit Can't Be Equipped, Positioned or Dismissed

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    As you can see from the logs, a previous character called Ulrich was killed at c. 12:53pm. Then I entered a town (Eisenheim) and recruited a new character, also called Ulrich, around 13:21pm. Strangely, no info panel was displayed whenever I hovered the mouse above any of this character’s icons, and it was not possible to give this character any equipment/weapons. I got tired and tried to dismiss the character several times, but he remained fixed in the same position at the bottom-left of the reserve fighters. Then I decided to send him into battle naked to kill him off, and moved him into the fighting line, but he had been moved back into the same reserve slot the next time I loaded the character inventory. Then (worst of all) I tried switching his position with that of another character, and he was again back in the same position the next time the inventory was loaded, and the other character had disappeared altogether (that roster slot was cursed as well)! The logs have lots of errors related to the formation etc. after 13:21pm.

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