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    Currently, the available increases in difficulty involve a linear increase in enemy numbers, enemy weapon/armour quality and resource costs, and a linear decrease in starting resources and max resource capacity. I’d prefer it if you could select the harshness of all of these things individually, as well as being able to select the starting numbers/strength of different enemy types. Deadly difficulty often feels like a test of your ability to tolerate some of the more tedious and otherwise avoidable elements of gameplay, such as spending hours snailing over swamps and mountains to evade those bastard bandits that you know will be lurking to attack you while you don’t have any tools to repair your shattered weapons and armour. It’s so much less frustrating to keep saving/loading until you wrong-foot them at the pass and race to the nearby mining town to purchase tools and a bargain-basement wildman, and then return after a wee rest to wreck vengeance upon them …

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    IMO options to customize the experience to one’s liking are always welcome in single-player games.

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    +1 for sliders that go up unreasonably high

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