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    Hi everyone,

    I hope this isn’t classified as spam, I had a look at the rules and couldn’t see anything on “game advertisement”. I’m a massive fan of Battle Brothers, I’ve put in nearly 200 hours, so well done Overhype Studios! However, I was a bit disappointed knowing that no more DLC would be created. I have been developing my own game for over a year and a half and happened to stumble upon Battle Brothers a couple months into full time development and was surprised to see elements of my “dream game” already working in Battle Brothers (mass turn based battles!)

    Battle Brothers has definitely influenced my own game, so I cannot give enough praise on that. I welcome everyone to visit my website, there is more information and a few very early pre-alpha footage videos. I update quite frequently too. Once again, I hope I’m not intruding here. I’ve been visiting Iron Tower Forums (Age of Decadence) and Pavonis Interactive Forums. As a gamer myself, I think the more people that are aware of upcoming turn-based games the better :)

    Pre-Alpha Footage


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    Come to RPG-Codex boards mate. There is a BB thread and people are already talking about you. I think you might find a lot of help along modders and other people. BB is great, but we need to keep in mind that it won’t be developed further, so it won’t become an ultimate dream for some like eg. Dwarf Fortress(ofc for some people).

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    Hi gepardowaty, thanks for the heads up. I have made a post over there in the General RPG Discussion :)

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