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    Avatar photoKorgaah

    Hi from one of my starting Companion bros. he has Fearless and Deathwish trait.. well I noticed his morale is getting downgraded on melee hits… the trait, if Im reading it correctly, is supposed to prevent that.. No morale loss from physical damage.. Please can you check to make sure its working as intended? Ive seen it multiple times..

    Avatar photoRap

    Did some testing, but it seems to work fine for me. Is it possible they lost morale by other means right before or after being hit, e.g. opponents closing in on them, allies dying?

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    Avatar photoKorgaah

    Thanks for the reply Mr Rap… and I eliminated those possibilities you suggested.. i.e. he wasnt flanked and no enemy moved up to him.. no other brothers were killed before he got hit etc.. does Fearsome also override fearless???

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