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    I think that there should be a “On second thought, I changed my mind” after you have already told your employer that you need time to think about it. I figure that the point of a contract is that you have to sign it. You can negotiate all you like and put promises and prohibitions in there, but until you sign it, nothing is ever binding.

    I thought the contract “possibility” would go away on its own in a matter of days, but after testing it it appears not. Walked to a few towns over (this is a noble house quest) and the very same quest was there. Camped for 2 days, it was still there. My only option was to accept or keep saying “I need some time to think about this”.

    So it just seems weird to me that I should be forced to accept and break a contract that I never intended to sign.

    Avatar photodltoster

    Agree. It would be nice to do some scouting before signing.

    Avatar photoRap

    It does go away after a few days, but it can be up to 5. Still, adding a way to give a definite ‘no’ after negotiations took place might make sense.

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