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    First off let me begin by saying I’m loving this game so far so big kudos there. Here’s a few suggestions from me that I think could make this game even more awesome:

    *Larger maps (Obviously)
    *Customizable banners
    *A deployment phase before combat. It would add an extra layer of strategy to the game and would save me from getting my new recruits instantly murdered. Maybe if the enemy gets the drop on you you get a default deployment.
    *A Ledger!!! The entire time I’ve been playing this game I’ve thought “I wish there was a ledger.” A series of screens that keep track of your journey, A ‘Fallen Brothers” tab, with the names and traits of the guys who didn’t make it along with a short description (ex: Knut the ratcatcher joined Company X on Day Y, he was slain by a bandit sniper on Day Z, he gained W levels and slew V enemies in his tenure.) A rogue’s gallery tab, a list of the types of enemies you’ve encountered, a short description of them, and the number of each you’ve killed. A Company leaders journal that lists things like battles, random events, contracts taken on/completed, hidden areas discovered, members recruited/dismissed/died/level up, that have happened in the playthrough (basically the idea here is akin to the chronicle in Crusader Kings II)

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    Good suggestions. So good in fact, that all of those are planned features already ;)

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    You just made me so damn happy :D

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    Ledger ASAP! :D It really is the thing I’m missing the most right now.

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