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    I was thinking today as I played about events, seeing as I believe your going to add them in, I thought that a interesting little bit would be something to do with Witchhunters getting antsy in a village about a supposed witch, which may or may not be a witch, and could possibly incur the wrath of the village militia if you follow through with the Witchhunter trying to kill the ‘witch’. Or the Witchhunter deserting if you refuse to help him.

    Another thing I thought of was what if broken weapons dropped onto the ground like shields? Or maybe they drop on the ground and you can pick up the broken weapon later to repair it? I’m sure i’ll think of some other interesting things to discuss as I play, been playing nothing but Battle brothers for the past three days since I got it, love the game!

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    That’s a planned event, in fact.

    Yeah, showing broken weapons on the ground would be cool, but we’ll need to create the assets for this first.

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    Very nice, I look forward to seeing all the events then! As for the broken weapon assets all I have to say is do whatever you think its most important, maybe ill see my hedge-knights broken greatsword lying next to a dead orc someday ;)

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