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    Currently my party is constantly getting caught by bandits and goblins because sometimes they come at me from two different directions…

    I really wished that you guys would allow someway for the player parties to travel faster on the world map. Since the horses are out…how about some sort of “wind magic”? Or better boots…? Or maybe wearing lighter armor would increase world map speed? Not being able to skip fights makes the game really, really boring right now because it usually takes a long ass time to get your guys to the edge of the map. And on top of that, some or all of your guys will die if you encounter large packs of werewolves early on…

    Also, currently the overall world map speed is too slow, as the map is way bigger now. Ain’t nobody’s got time to stare at the computer screen for 20 minutes just so they can finish a simple cargo quest lol

    With that said, I absolutely love this game, and I’ve been playing it since last year. I wish you guys can understand this is constructive whining ^_^

    Avatar photoRap

    Constructive whining ;)

    The speed of parties on the worldmap scales with their size, both for the player and the AI. Smaller AI parties will thus be able to catch up with you in time, but you can also run away from larger AI parties in the beginning.

    Wind magic and such doesn’t fit the setting, but we’ve reduced the price of fast travel by ship to half for the next update for it to become a better alternative to going by foot. Travel speed in general is something we may still adjust as development continues.

    Finally, we’ll also be looking into ways to make retreating from battle a bit less tedious.

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    Avatar photodltoster

    Good to hear it. Carried cargo can be the issue too i think. I think you are familiar with Mount&Blade settings.
    Is it possible in future to maintain some hidden cache in wilderness or in cities? I do not want to sell jewelry or smth i do not need to carry with me at current time. And, you know, those rival mercenaries can hijack us :(

    Avatar photodltoster

    Agree that except when surrounded in ambush now i can retreat with ease. That seems not right for situation when we were caught by enemy.
    Possible solution, except obvious surround, which works good, but for ambushes only, is to get intact with some swift enemy in first turn. So if i chose to run for our lives it means a sacrifice of someone. When real adult mercenaries hijack my baby company, there were pair of wardogs with that mission.
    But i ask not to involve in such preset obstacles founding members of a company, first 3 in list. For roleplay i try to keep them alive.
    Sorry for my english, not my fluent language.
    Once i managed to escape 2 vs 8-10 enemies in surround :) But that is rare option, godd for roleplay, such moments to remember.

    Avatar photodltoster

    Playing on deadly non reload and i like the challenge, thank you.
    Maybe it is possible to switch opearation area, like in the Guild games, when current map situation not going right? Migration to somwhere, where peoples do not know about us as shitty bastards, fresh start? I have feelings that new map still not big enough :) And 3 nobles faction are good but i want to see all of them :) I understand, that you can not scale it without limits because of productivity and lag issues, so change of operation area maybe can satisfy earnings like that.

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