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    Avatar photoblackteapie

    For example, armor piercing arrows could have shorter range, higher defense reduction effect and higher price than the normal arrows.

    Avatar photoarteofwar

    This sounds like a great idea.

    Avatar photoAdamTheGreat

    I would love to see this implemented. I’ve seen arrows that are better suited against chainmail, some that are barbed to worsen the wound, and others that are wider to impact horses better (of course horses, as of now, are not going to be implemented). Seeing how your ammunition choice changed combat would be interesting. Fire arrows would also be a cool edition, although I don’t see how easily it could be added.

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    Yeah bespoke arrows could cost more of an ammo supply, similar to javelins, but have their own quiver. Or just cost two arrows on the battlefield to fire, as some form of special ability, to simplify it for the player and artist.

    It’d be nice to have different types of ammunition, like…
    Primative: A thin length of rod some tipped with bone, stone and lesser metals.
    Standard: A strong shaft with an iron bodkin, made to cheaply supply the demands of the war economy
    Poisoned: The crude tip of this projectile hosts a vile poison that bleeds and renders drowsy foes
    Hardened Steel: A steel bodkin that more readily pierces maille.
    Broadhead: A flat and costly steel arrowhead, made to bleed foes but less so armour

    I’d also like it if ammo had a random recovery rate.

    Avatar photoblackteapie

    I would like to have different quivers for different arrows. And more expensive arrows should cost more ammo supplies, I agree with you.
    BTW, I think it’s better to make poison arrows a special ability to mercenaries who have thief or assassin background? And other mercenaries cannot use any poison.

    Avatar photoSteir

    Great idea, in terms of game mechanic it would be

    -Arrows designed to strike down unarmored targets and useles against any armor
    -Arrows suited to work better against armor
    -More precise arrows (would be unique for fletcher background)
    -Arrows that causes bleeding/poisoning
    -Bigger shooting range arrows
    -Barbed arrows that causes specific injures, that decreasing opponents combat effectivenes.

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    I like the idea of barbed arrows that impede Steir

    Maybe Goblins spawn with barbed arrow quiver, and poison-shot could be a special ability they can use for, say; 2 ammo and some time-units. Generally less ArmorPen than default, and expensive for mercs to resupply

    Wildmen/Rabbles/Undead could use a crude arrow quiver, that is super cheap but inaccurate and not too deadly, maybe with a special fire/bleed shot ability for 2 ammo and extra time-units

    And others would use iron-bodkin quivers, as the middling default ammo, and maybe crossbow bolts could be adjusted to deal more damage up-close than an arrow?

    Avatar photoblackteapie

    On second thought, I think it’s better to make the different types of arrows as skills with different cost of ammo supply and action points.

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