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    First of all, I’m not a native speaker, so I’m sorry for my poor English.

    Everyone creature that was with us from early stage of the game has been treated with love. Vampires were transferred to Ancient Dead and became Necrosavants. Ghouls got more hungry and dangerous and became nich, nech… I don’t know how to spell… so ye they became el-ghoul germanique. Fallen Heroes found their place and new friends among the Ancient Dead. And direwolves, they only got reskinned from werewolves to direwolves, that’s sad.

    I love the concept of big scary creatures form the deep forest, that steal villagers’ children and animals and with their strength they can easily break a neck of a home cattle. But in reality direwolves are only dangerous to you in the early-game. In mid-game or especially late-game they’re a bunch of exp and nothing more. So since, devs didn’t announce any plans on ’em here’s my suggestion. Let’s make direwolves, сreatures who are counting on their predatory reflexes, animal strength and numbers and also make them have benefits from the moon, they’re wolves after all. And let’s us have more types of direwolves to fight.

    All numbers are subjective.
    Tier 1 Direwolf (mostly the same)
    Hp: 120
    Body armor: 40
    Head armor: 40
    Skills: Direwolf Bite
    Perks: Creature of the night, Strength of the pack, Berserk
    Additional: Low morale, high initiative, high mobility

    Tier 2 Mature Direwolf
    Appearance: Has some scars and darker fur.
    Hp: 160
    Body armor: 60
    Head armor: 60
    Skills: Direwolf Bite, Nimble strike
    Perks: Creature of the night, Strength of the pack, Dodge, Berserk
    Additional: Moderate morale, high initiative, high mobility

    Tier 3 Alpha Direwolf
    Appearance: Has red or white marks on his skin and horn-shaped thing on his head.
    Hp: 220
    Body armor: 90
    Head armor: 90
    Skills: Direwolf Bite, Nimble strike, Crushing swipe
    Perks: Creature of the night, Strength of the pack, Pack Leader, Berserk
    Additional: High morale, high initiative, high mobility

    Direwolf Bite: 3ap, medium damage, high armor damage, +10% to hit the head.
    Nimble strike: 4ap, jump over the enemy to distract him and reach more vulnerable victim. Affected enemy loses his zone of control until his next turn.
    Crushing swipe: 4ap, can hit up to 3 targets, medium damage, medium armor damage.

    Creature of the night: When fighting at night gain a 10% bonus to Melee Skill, Melee Defense and Ranged Defense.
    Strength of the pack: For each friendly direwolves within 6 tiles gain +1% to Melee Skill, Melee Defense and Ranged Defense.
    Pack Leader: All friendly direwolves within 6 tiles gain doubled bonuses from the “Strength of the pack“. Alpha wolf doesn’t affected by this.

    That’s it, I hope you find my ideas not so bad. What do you think guys?
    I think that may make direwolves a dangerous enemy even to a well-packed company. And your brothers will feel the fear of being surrounded by natural born killers
    Sorry for any mistakes i made, feel free to point at them

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    I think the Mature+ ones should definitely have Anticipation as well, and maybe Underdog and Backstabber. And Strength of the Pack should also boost resolve.

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    i want to see some big bad wolf as well, a long strong fang that could penetrate the armor, currently the wolf pack is hopeless facing decent heavy armor.

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