Topic: "Disappearing Villagers" contract sites are often far removed from the village

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    Since the update, I’ve noticed that:

    — (a) locations attacked as part of contracts are not always named after you accept the contract, even if you’d seen them and they had a name before you accepted the contract (they now just have a gold icon above them, as before, to show that they’re tied to the contract);

    — (b) locations attacked as part of contracts that are supposedly linked to local events (e.g. disappearing villagers) are often quite a long way from the “local” village (in one case, the village was around the centre of the map but the contract location was towards the extreme south of the map across rivers and swamps and behind mountains, and there were 5-10 other settlements that were closer to it than the contract settlement).

    In the early game, having to travel so far over awkward terrain just to fulfil contracts means that you don’t make any profit from them and are much more likely to be ambushed.

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    I assume you mean ‘Terrified Villagers’. This is indeed a bug and will be fixed with the next update.

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    I’ve seen it for “Disappearing Villagers” contracts as well, including on v0.9.0.20. It wasn’t quite as exaggerated as what I saw before, but still you needed to travel 1/3 of the way down the map from the far north, through forests and tundra, and there were at least 5 other settlements that were closer to the contract site. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a screenshot, since trying “Print Screen” on the world map causes it to be zoomed in, and then the image printed is not the zoomed-out overview that was desired.

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    Also, you can get contracts (whatever the local events/news they’re meant to be tied to) that require you to cross from an island onto the mainland, and the only way to do it is by travelling to the far north of the island (itself blocked by mountains) and crossing the shoals and then traversing a vast mountain range to the east before going back south, or by travelling to the far south of the island and paying all your crowns to catch a ship to the far south-east of the mainland and then walking a long way back north-west to get to the site.

    Not what you want in the early game when crowns and resources are tight. You want some site just down the road with no awkward terrain in the way, which you somehow managed to miss on your way to the town …

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