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    I posted this within the “Suggestions Forum” topic, but for separations sake, here’s a new topic.

    Something small that I would love to see is, simply, the introduction of more diversified starting locations within a battle. For example, as already present in the game, when multiple parties converge within a conflict, each group is placed at a different cardinal direction within the tactical map. I would love to see something similar for regular battles, where perhaps the direction you engage an enemy on the world map determines which side you are placed at, or even having it determined randomly per battle. Although a bit more complex, perhaps your units positions could even be scrambled upon an ambush(within a small, reasonable area), giving the enemy a small tactical advantage. Ultimately, it would just be incredible to have more dynamic battle diversity(it would also be interesting to have my men facing left for a change). Especially as you are already adding more detail onto the tactical map, which I am ecstatic about, the simple addition of being placed at a different corner could go perfectly hand in hand.

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    -Your party can spawn at any side of the map, rather than just the left
    -Your position is either random or determined by the direction you attack from
    -Potential for open world ambushes to shuffle your soldiers positions

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    I like point 3 of your second post.

    "A plethora of peasents"

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    As I remember already you can be ambushed and your men will be surrounded by enemies.

    About changing left-right – it will confused a bit cause you men will be direct from left to right and your enemies vise versa.
    About starting at top-bottom, also if you are fighting with allies, you will spawn at bottom. It also a bit spoils positions cause instead of line you have half men with half-hexagon behind.

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