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    This post is about game balancing.
    After some discussion with other player we come to an agreement that dodge perk is OP in early game.
    The reason is below:

    1.A newly recuited BB has an initiative value about 95-110 (not counting traits)
    2.Early game armors and weapons are relatively light , A full set of equipment costs about 30-40 maximum fatigue(including shields) .
    3.A BB can learn dodge perk at level 3, same as gifted perk.
    4.Some players are useing dodge perk to boost their BB’s defence value,especially those connon fodders, instead of useing gifted perk.

    So my suggestion is :
    1.Move dodge perk to the third line so that it can only be learnt at level 4 or higher.
    2.Set an threshold value (maybe 40?) for dodge perk that only part of the initiative above it could be used by dodge perk. And at this situation only those invested points on initiative can benifit a lot from dodge perk.

    After all this is just some suggestion.
    In my personal view Battle brothers is already a great game.
    Thank you.

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