Topic: Does other mercenary bands even care to solve the crisis?

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    They don’t help even a little bit! All they do is to rob me after we raid a bandit camp!
    – “Oh boyz you got a nice head hanging on your belt and now hand it to us, nice and easy.”
    – “But we need extra bounty to buy better gear so that we could defeat the greenskin invasion!”
    – “That would be YOUR problem knight-errant, not ours, now, hand it over!”
    – “Never!”
    Then a fight started, they have better bow, better perks, better gear and better health condition, my crews got wrecked totally.
    I know they are bounty hunters and I should give what they want because they will walk away, but why don’t they try to solve the crisis? They are always stronger than my men! And other mercenary bands which roaming all over the map, why don’t they help? Our battle brothers travel from north to south to prevent a settlement from been burning down, but we couldn’t save them all, every time I defeat an invasion, there are at least one settlement been destroyed, where were the other bands? Aren’t the golds those noble houses offered not good enough to them? At least they could help defending the other side of the map when we are busy bashing skeletons on this side!

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    I just thought of something, and this is meant for anyone including devs if they wish to answer. What if you flee the bounty hunter battle, will you still get the bonus for the head when you return to the settlement?

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    @Oh Brother, Yes. You still get the bonus.

    @ Loci. Like negotiations, the involvement of other Mercenaries is woefully underdeveloped and underwhelming. The only purpose they really seem to serve is for a single ambition. Though to be fair, I’d consider the bounty hunters distinct from the mercs you see on the map. If nothing else, the mercs are a visible army chasing you. The bounty hunters just show up in an event, which is a frustrating oversight that can force you into a one sided battle depending on the status of your merc band.

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    Thanks Ledgren, its good to know that I could run, never thought that before. Next time I clear a camp with extra leader, I will set the formation to minimum to get away fast.

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    Bounty hunters are not the same as mercenaries. Bounty hunters encounters are scripted semi-random events which have nothing to do with AI mercenary companies. As for your question, yes mercenary companies do help with crisis. They fight hostiles just like militia and great houses troops. They also get hired by the great houses (indicated on the tooltip).

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