Topic: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ( injuries system )

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    I really like the new injuries system but i think it’s a little bit too much a “negative only” system.

    Peoples learns from their mistakes and manage ( sometimes ) to overcome, one way or an other, their permanent injuries. If wounds are part of a soldiers life, i think what make them really unique isn’t how much wounded they have been but how they manage to get through them ( or not ). More over, in a soldier point of view, wounds aren’t seen as something only “negative” but generate respect and “compassion”. ( battle brother ! )

    From a player point of view, i think a system that ended in only “negative” effects can be disappointing and frustrating. But if you give them “hope” to achieve something through wounds, they will gladly try to get through.

    More over, it will truly give a “positive” personnality to soldiers even if they have permanent wounds and debuff.

    Wounds, likes perks and experience, should give a stacking “chance” to give/trigger/unlock some positive behaviour,”perks”, status.

    For example:

    Someone who have many permanent injuries could become a “battlehardened looking soldier” that whould frigthen humans soldiers. On the other hand, orcs would look at him has a challenge and a trophies and rush him.

    Someone who got tired to get wounded so many times could become much more cautious ( – X melee att, + X melee/ranged def. )

    Someone who manage to overcome a huge crippling wound could get a buff to resolve and inspire others around him ( + X resolve/ +1/2 X resolve 2 tiles around )

    Someone who find a way to keep on fighting without an arm or a leg could compensate by getting a “free” perk point and learning duelist, nimble or battleforged for example.

    Even if they are fews “positives” effects implemented, they should be significant and show true achievement learn through pains and suffering that can’t be achieve through a more “safe” way to play/fight.

    Reaching a “battlehardened” status chould be the pinnacle of a true battle brother career that can’t be achieve without wounds, pains and handicap

    Whatever, “bonus” counterpart shouldn’t be automatique. Overtime, they may comes as some kind of “rewards” for keeping crippled veteran ( not rolling back save game :p ) that have learned to overcome their handicape and mistakes.

    Those after effect could be also negative. For example, while someone who looks strong and battlehardenned would make people want to join such an amazing looking guy ( unlock new recruit in some locations ), someone with many crippling wounds could frighten people to join ( remove some recruit from some locations )

    A soldier who fail to overcome a serious wound could become a alcoholic.

    I hope my suggestion will help you to improve your new injuries system and give it a more positive aspect. :)

    Avatar photoRusBear

    something like that occurred once the developers have announced system injuries and to be honest I was hoping that this will happen, but now we have only a negative mechanics – because it is much easier.

    i can’t agree all your suggestions, but in general, as an idea, couse +1

    Avatar photoMordzyloeil

    all my suggestions are just here to give an idea of what could be implemented. I don’t think i have a good overview of every games mechanisms and balance system so some idea may be wrong or too hard to implemente.

    however, I really would like to see battle brother able to overcome some of their wounds and get something positive through harsh times.

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    Idk, currently the perk & xp system is the reward for getting out alive, maybe you could get bonus xp for the hard lesson.
    I like the idea of terrifying facial scars, though I don’t know it translates well to a pitched battle, where scars will be hidden from sight by armor, or is so obvious as to make you look like easy pickings.

    Prosthetic limbs, could be used to negate the scar effects, maybe also inflict terrifying effects (like a pirate hook), though that seems like a lot of work for what we can presume is already occurring.
    Regardless of whether an augment system were to be implemented though, it would add nice a bit of flare to be able to customize way the injury displayed, similar to the Barber, with glass/brass eyes, eye-patches and such.

    Post-infliction maybe having Doctors/Priests/Barbers in your squad (or as support) and the amount of medical supplies could play a role in scar chance?
    Maybe post battle a dialog option could come up…
    “If I work fast and use some of our medical supplies I might be able to save Jon Johnson’s leg”
    1.”Absolutely, take what you need…” -20 Medicine 75% Chance
    2.”Don’t overdo it…” -10 Medicine 50% Chance
    3.”We can’t spare it…” 10% Chance
    4.”Put them out of their misery” -Party Moral -Jon Johnson

    Also a defence stat on the weapon parry system might help people not get hit, a chance to parry steel with steel rather than move away from it or intercept with shield/armor. Ideally based on weapon with Pole-arms offering less parry and swords greater parry. Ideally leading into a situation where skilled warriors are even less likely to take damage.

    Lastly reduced recruitment costs might allow for players to burn through troops rather than retain their more diminishingly effective men.

    Honestly though I haven’t had a good long chance to play it yet, but that’s what springs to mind

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