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    Hey there!

    My problem is that if your wardog kills an enemy, you won’t get its items after battle.
    That is a serious problem because dogs are good help, but actually if u can’t produce “items” = money with them because the xp and the items lost for their kills. Actually that is not worthy to keep dogs. They should let us to get those items for dog kills. The xp is lost its kind of ok.. but items.. its a lot of money in a long run.

    What do you think?
    Thank you all

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    They do, at least for me.

    It eighter your sample size is too small, or you encountering a bug of some sort.

    My bet is on the latter.

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    I absolutely think that is a bug. If they kill I don’t get any item from that enemy after battle, no matter if my soldiers hit them or not. Its like an allied soldier that is not yours killing an enemy. You won’t get item from that kill, but our wardogs SHOULD give me items. It is just bullshit if they don’t…..

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    Well, I contantly use packs of dogs to kill/run down marksmen and get the loots.

    Try it yourself, on, say, 10-15 marksmen.
    If they drop no loot in 15 cases, than yes, you’ll need to make a report with the info template from Bugs sub.

    Btw, you can see a “bag” icon near the courpse, if it dropped something.

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