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    Hey all,

    I would like to know what are the thought on buffing the duelist perk.
    I remember in the old alphas, where sword-masters with the duelist perks were quite OP, as it would give you a bonus of 20% (IIRC) on your melee defense.
    Now I think it is quite a useless perk to invest in, as to make it work you need to combine with nimble, dodge etc… but still you can have your character killed in a couple of hits (also if the chance to be hit is pretty low), too many things need to go right, find a brother with the right starting stats, get him to lvl 11 and then losing him in a couple of hits so it is better to invest in tanks that can take multiple hits.
    I would like to see more variation in the builds and to be one of the top tier perks I think it needs either a small bonus on Melee back, maybe fixed or some other buff.


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    you can use duelist in heavy armor. Or with throwing weapons (range skill).

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    It’s very bad that the game is heavy armor oriented only. If battle brothers are supposed to die there should be at least opportunity to hire equal ones not for cosmic prices. Leveling up brothers takes too much time but the difficulty keeps increasing.

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