Topic: Endgame screen endings of brothers is a downer

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    I’m not the only fan thinking this, affter spending so much time with the company and hitting the retire button is very unrewarding, would love to have more content and more stories written for more (if not all) the characters you spent the entire campaign with.

    Avatar photoForceEcho

    Casey is an excellent writer, too bad the left wing thugs and bullies did a number on him.

    "A plethora of peasents"

    Avatar photoDray

    They did? I thought the game didnt attract that crowd.
    Either way the retierment screen really should be multi part. As is currently it just picks some random brothers and gives them the good/bad ending regardless of their actual input for the company. I don’t care about that guy i hired 10 days ago, tell me what happned to the brother that racked up +200 kills during the run

    Avatar photoDmitry Rost

    Hi Force! (Or Hi Echo if you prefer xD)

    too bad the left wing thugs and bullies did a number on him.

    Could you please tell me more about the situation in private?
    I’m new to BB and not quite common with the the path the game and the team had passed.

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