Topic: Enemy bleeding out does not count as a kill?

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    I just stumbled across a thread on the steam forums

    The OP is complaining that enemies who bleed out do not award XP or loot. Also there are comments that enemies killed by allied forces and (your own) wardogs do not award XP or loot either.

    I have actually noticed that too (enemies killed by allies not dropping loot). I realize this is a design decision, but I have to say its a really terrible one at that. We wanted you to remove the drops from ALLIES (that got killed) not enemies killed BY allies!!!

    Whenever you fight with some allies, they will have higher initiative than you, not taking archers into account. So basically if we miscalculate even a little bit, maybe miss a hit or two, our allies will always “kill steal” us. This was already INCREDIBLY frustrating before since they took away our XP – now they take loot too? You think getting that tiny bit of loot was op? It REALLY wasn’t.
    It is really all I can do not to throw a tantrum here and start using strong language. Thats how much this bothers me. We still get the crowns, tools, food at the end of the fight so not everything is lost yet.
    Maybe this is what we are supposed to do now? Just stay back, maybe shoot an arrow or two just by no means go into melee range risk taking damage and then get KSed by a militia grunt.

    Please revert this.

    Now what is probably not a design choice and just a bug is the wardog/bleed kill thing.
    They should award the 20% XP to the guy who released the hound/applied the bleed debuff. (It would even make more sense if the wardog had its own XP bar).
    Also, if you want us to not wait out the whole battle, maybe make a check like this: If the player attacked an enemy, he will drop loot like normal. If the enemy died without the player contributing – even trying to attack but missinh should be fine – they will not drop loot.

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