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    First of all your game rocks!!! Bought it on Monday. :D
    There are some other things i’d like to to suggest but i will collect them and put in them in one topic.

    So here is my faction suggestion:

    How about you implement Harpies as faction. Their Hideouts/Nests spawn useally by mountains.
    And they like to to collect treasure and gold for selfish reasons but also to attract other humans.
    So in their nests you can find good amounts of gold probably armour of fallen warriors .

    They are late game enemies due to high reward and also the difficulty to defeat them because of following reasons:(You rarely see them raid )

    As they are located in mountain areas the combat map is going to be full of small and big elavations.
    That’s their territory one of their special Abilities is that they can fly (obviously). They can fly any hill up and down to reach your troops.
    You also are going to be always surrounded by the hapries (the Battle bros are going to be in the middle of the map) which gives them a 2nd advantage over you.
    But that’s not all they can fly over you and grab one of your men and let them fall off which deals damage.- the only way for you to fight this kind of attack back, is by wearing heavy (armour points) armour which decreases the successrate , spearwall would have the same effect if the spearwall was sucessful.

    Their weakness are their low Health and their attacks are medium strong (claw attacks), also they have a low morale and retreat fast if getting attacked
    (maybe adding them a higher sucessrate in moving in controlled zones when retreating since they can fly , could be implemented as a strategy – hit n run)

    They have a very aggressive behaviour in battle and like to surround the enemy.

    Your Strategy is to have heavy armoured guys, a couple of spearman and keeping your guys together hoping your not the one who gets pulled in to the middle of the harpies xD.

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