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    Avatar photoKarasson


    My game crashes every time I make a save or when it has to do one (like in ironman mode).

    Screenshots :

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit : I updated my NVIDIA drivers, nothing changed.

    Avatar photoRap

    This is usually caused by the game being denied write access for some reason, and is unrelated to your video drivers. There’s a couple of things you can try;

    * Start the game with admin rights.
    * Add the game to the exception list of any anti-virus or anti-malware software you’re running, or disable them before starting the game.
    * Install the game to a different location, preferably to another partition.

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    Avatar photoKarasson

    It was Bitdefender which has put Battle Brothers in its blocking list. It seems to be working now.
    Thank you :)

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