Topic: Fast Adaptation bonus doesn't stack from multiple AoE misses

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    Avatar photoWargasm

    If (e.g.) you hit the first target with a greatsword swing or warscythe reap, but miss the next two, you only get one +8% bonus from Fast Adaptation, not two … surely not intended …

    Avatar photoFlickering

    Em…I guess it is intended.
    In version before, maybe before v1.005, things are like what you have speculated, any single attack in a aoe is roll seperately and will add a stack or consume all stack of fast adaption/head hunter . But after then only head hunter keeps the same, but fast adaption will not stack more than one stack in a aoe attack.
    As it is changed intentionally, I guess iths working as intendes.

    Avatar photoRap

    Working as intended, and it’s always been like this.

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    Avatar photoNamespace

    Working as intended, and it’s always been like this.

    Does headhunter work the same way or is it just fast adaptation?

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