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    Hello, dear dev, I know fat trait decrease both fatigue and initia all the way through the versions, I think it’s wotking as intended.
    But recently by accident a group member found fat trait decrease 20% chance for limble. We know the chance of limble is decreased 2% per fatigue or initiative penalty from armor helmet and weapon, and that’s the tooltip means. Or this is working as intended?

    Sorry I cant get access to computer these days, if you want any picture or savefile I can upload latter, but I think it’s easy for you to creat such a trait and test.

    Avatar photoRap

    Assuming I understand you correctly, this is working as intended.

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    Avatar photoFlickering

    Thanks rap……Then maybe we should treat fat as a negative trait, especially for a light armor build : x

    Avatar photoNamespace

    Yeah, it is a negative trait imo.
    The same works the other way too. If you have a strong brother, he can equip 10 fatigue worth of armor and not decrease the nimble bonus.

    Avatar photoFlickering

    And strong trait also increase 20% chance for limble……I think that’s also working as intended

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