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    Hi All,

    I believe Fatigue should be reworked from +15 Fatigue recover per turn to +20% of Maximum Fatigue (Base Fatigue Recovery)

    My reasoning is:

    +15 seems so fixed and unnatural, what if a brother only has 15 Maximum Fatigue after armor, with a 2 handed weapon they can still move and attack just the same as a brother with 100+ Fatigue. This seems unfair/weird.

    Now with the new +20% Fatigue recover:

    If a brother has 75 Maximum Fatigue after armor they will recover 15 Fatigue per round as per normal. (This is about what people aim for end game)
    Anything lower will be less.
    But lets say if a brothers has 120 Maximum Fatigue, now they recover 24 which will allow for special skills (This may make people think about getting lighter armor and/or make new builds)

    Let me know what you think.
    (Extra note: Iron Lungs changed to be +5% to match rework – Make Iron Lungs great again!)

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