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    Dear Dev Team,

    I have had hundreds of hours happy gaming from BB so sincerely thank you for that. You have created a potential classic.

    The decision to announce no more additions or mod support to the game is causing serious reputation damage to your Studio. Reviews on Steam have turned from Overwhelmingly Positive to Mixed as a direct result and these factors are costing you serious sales for two reasons:

    Customers as less inclined to by a game that will not and cannot be expanded upon.
    Negative reviews discourage customers.

    It is also impacting your sales potential for next project as the customer base you have worked so hard to establish is turning hostile (Have a read about concept of Net Promoter Score NPS).

    Its never too late to reverse an incorrect decision. Please could I respectfully ask that you reconsider the decision to not offer future content and Mod support? Its not too late, customers expect mistakes, it’s how companies deal with them that counts. I still believe you can win back customer support and trust. And you will then see sales start to grow again.

    Thanks for listening and maintaining an open mind.

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    Great post,

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    Great point

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