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    Been spending the last 2 days playing an unhealthy amount of Battle Brothers. I know the game is in early access and the devs have already mentioned where they will take the game, so I don’t have any suggestions that are novel. The game is really engaging and the potential has me excited. I’m particularly enjoying that there are always difficult objectives with their well defended loot to be found and the fun hasn’t plateaued. Part of it is due to 1 or 2 elite members dying in every challenging encounter and spending the resulting couple days trying to rebuild and accommodate just to defeat the next one. But please fix all the crashes and game breaking bugs during combat. Otherwise the game is great for early access, and if my say matters I’d prefer unique battle locations for the next content update. I imagine the different places that you can fight in would be easier than some random dense forest. Nothing wrong with it, but it seems like something you desperately want to avoid. Anyway who else named their company Jomsvikings?

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    Hi Xoatl,
    thanks for the encouragement and glad that you enjoy the game!
    Right now we are absolutely focussing on bug fixing. Its incredible where do all these crashes come from? If you havent done so yet please post your crashes and logs in the bug forum, otherwise we wont be able to fix them.

    Location specific combat tiles are very high up on our list. You can have a look at my sticky “paulsens art corner thread” to see some mockups of what I am working on.


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