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    I not played a lot but I think that you could add some things.

    Some event:
    -For historian(etc.) [for lvls 10+] – “Find mysterious book.” (after fighting with necro or at adventure map)
    After that if you aprove him to translate it and read he can learn some/one spell like raise undead, buffing allies etc.

    -After fight with with goblins/orcs one that survived talking to you using human langue and asking you to spare you. If you listen him he can leave or join to you.
    –If you spare his life and he leave you can get event that you meet him again and he can join to you with his friends.
    — Having orc/goblin in your company you can hire others orc/goblins in places where are there (ruins, camps etc.) and trading with them (it will be like villages with option “attack/visit”)

    -After fighting with vampires – “Strange bite”
    One/few of your brothers can be infected few days after other’s from company will talking about they strange behaves. It could be reveal by lowering they morale. Few day latter infected brother admint that he’s a vampire and you can decide kill him, kick of or save him.
    Vampires could be op in night like +25/50%(?) skills (not dmg), movement etc. but -25/50%(?) in day. And he can bite victims and heal himself for some hp (25-100?)

    /\ Something similar for werewolves.


    -Charge! – Ability that brother can run some more (but he must reach enemy) like 3-4(?) sqm then attack enemy. It improve dmg by 15-50%(?) and reduce his defense for some similar %. It cost all AP and 40-60? fatigue.


    -Add animals like horses, wolves etc. with you can ride on them. If all of your team are mounted you will moving faster on adventure map.

    -Add monsters like trolls (stronger then orcs, more hp, and he can regenerating hp, but without armors), wyverns (like dragons, weaker poisonous version), dragons (big, using flames monster guarding his treasure), cyclops, giants ect.

    -Showing stats when you recruiting guys (all stats). For me its very annoying that you don’t know it.

    -Hiding in castles for some time. Like when near is big band of enemy so they can go somewhere else.

    -Pausing time after leaving locations like villages, towns etc. -For me it is very annoying when I leave villages just before night and forgot something, clicking on tower and… it’s night and everything is closed. :|

    -Same shortcut for every skill. Sometimes if your brothers have few differents skills once shield wall is on number 2 and other have it on 3. It could be changing for (S) and other skill as well have assign letters

    Hope you like some of them! If I will have more suggestions I will shave with you.

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    I can’t find option edit.

    Few new suggestions.
    This world after few crisis is destroyed. Villages are burned and nothing new don’t happen.
    Maybe it should be changed? Let’s add some quests for founding villages and upgrading present villages to castles. This shouldn’t be possible often but it will improve late game.
    For upgrade village to castle (etc.) there could be build some building (in villages or attached locations) and there will opportunity for another quests. (Like travel wood/stone to village etc.)

    Attack caravans/cites/mercenary even if they are allied. -Why not? Of course it will be dishonorable and could be affect on morals of your team and relations with noble houses -BUT only if someone will run or attack will be to close another army/location. If everyone will get caught nobody can’t prove that you did it.

    Creating your own location. First it could be hideout (and you can story there items), but with time you can compete at noble houses for giving ground and there found your own village (or get even village for merit). Of course it can be upgraded to castles/cites etc. If you build required buildings and granting town privileges by noble houses.

    Adding tolls/food/ammo/medicine automatically to “supplies” bar hurt. I can’t trade this goods. Maybe change it? Choose what food your army can eat and add it after clicking on it not automatically.

    Stopping in villages/cites that you pass with caravan that you escort. Who wasn’t taking break in city? This is opportunity for caravan and my company.

    Why everyone must die or run after battle? Where are the prisoners to sold them as slaves or get paid from they family (for noble houses members)?

    Why after choosing “Run them down” if enemies retreats I can’t end game in every time? Give up from running and end battle?

    Why if i attack ruins and others place like orc camps etc. I never fighting in them? Even if I attack at night. Maybe add some battle maps that including ruins, orc and goblins camp etc.

    Add hp of wolfs (that goblins ride on them) and shields at hp bar (there is only hp, armor and helmets :| )

    If bowyer can create bow why he can’t making arrows everyday? Just few if you have wood (it could be added in supplies or just divided into 10-50 parts not like now one item. Fisherman could be making nets if he had ropes (add new item). (It can be add smite (making tolls from iron), beaker (bread from flour) or others backgrounds).

    Add option that can add grid to hexes field. (like in heroes III,IV,V).

    Trait “Left handed” +10% chance to hit, -10% to using shieldwall and give no bonus from allies and they don’t get it too.

    Some balance suggestions:
    2h weapons in late game are to op. Everyone know this. What about change perks?
    Shield Expert, Dagger Mastery (spear wall), Sword Mastery (riposte), Indomitable – make this perk working not only one turn. Let’s increase duration to 2-4 turns. For me it could be give some free action points to soldiers using 1h weapon and shield. Now if I using shieldwall and spearwall I using all action points. If I use only shieldwall i have one attack. Like 2h users.. so shield give only +10-20 protection and it is nothing when you can use 2h weapon that is 2x stronger.

    Lone Wolf – even if I attack from flank enemy rarely I’m 3 titles away.. let’s decease it to 2.

    Hope some of my ideas will help improve this game!
    And sorry for my english if I wrote something incomprehensibly let me know and I will try to explain this.

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