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    Greetings Battle brothers!
    Game looks fine so far I will not talk about zombie names.
    I think the skill tree should move toward weapon specialization as well so every soldier becomes more unique and less adaptable.
    You either are an archer or you’re not.
    The number of soldiers is 12 so far I think it should be 12 + reserves (3 maybe)
    We should be able to switch characters and keep some in reserve while they heal.
    Troops should take longer to heal so it encourages soldier switching between batlles.
    That will bring an element of rotation in the game as well as make your team stronger or weaker during the course of 2 or 3 battles.
    This will bring the element of randomness since once outfitted and leveled up,it could become a Battle brother steamroller team just crushing everything.
    Injured soldiers that need replacing will add a nice note to the game.(besides you need some weeks to recover from a sword sticking out your face 😛 )
    Injured soldiers should be out of battle temporary with penalties to attack damage e.t.c if they join.
    Another idea is Add a small fort or castle for my band as a 1st step to conquering the word!!! (dunno if taking over towns will be implemented later but i assume so)
    Also i would like to see a visual identification method for my soldiers the armors and helms can hide the soldiers and they can get kinda ”lost”.
    I think the graphics(armor,beard e.t.c) alone are not enough to recognize them and that we should be able to put soldiers in a separate group(e.g the founders group number 1.

    There should be also he option to change the color pallet for the soldiers armor AND/OR change color of the base that supports the soldier Icon.
    That would help recognize them easier and help with battle placement.
    That way i can make halberts red,Sperwall units blue archers black E.t.c

    Including the commander(s) into battle with some morale boosting or accuracy boosting shouts would be a nice addition.
    They shouldn’t be normal fighting units but they could stand at the side and command,shout,cheer,buff stuff like that :) (see heroes of might and magic)
    Option to bring the wounded soldiers into battle as a last resort perhaps?
    I think increasing the number of soldiers available to field in general would be nice as well

    It could also be an idea to be able to combine troops into units
    So for example 3 swrordsmen together on one line form a shield wall.
    These units are now locked into position receiving extra defence bonus but need to move all as 1 unit in 1 line.
    That can give the battle field an ebb and flow while creating fronts, and supporting hammer and anvil tactics.
    (dunno maybe that’s far fetched but could be nice)

    That’s it as a first thought the game is quite new so I will wait for more developments.
    Let me know what you think keep up the good work guys and thank you!

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