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    The game world represents the Middle Ages, the times of the 13th-14th century with a small amount of fantasy genre. In these times, in addition to the first gunpowder technologies, the remnants of the knowledge of the Roman Empire were also used.
    Given that the game is built around the commander of a company of mercenaries. A company is 100 people, in the reality of the game we will make the assumption that it is 40 people (including the combat wing, reserve, quartermasters, the wagon of the detachment). Such a formation can be composed of field military vehicles. Usually in history it came down to 2 types:
    1. Scorpion “Manuballista” – often used on the battlefield in Roman units. In the reality of the game, an extremely powerful and long-range crossbow. Dealing both stab and impact damage to the target. Requires one operator and an additional assistant. The tactical role is a huge help in suppressing important targets and very tenacious opponents.
    Mechanics of functioning: The fighter is equipped with a Scorpion-a two-handed weapon. Installation required-the model can shoot, but cannot move. Or vice versa, the collection in the marching position – the model can only move. In the menu, you can set the position in which the model starts on the battlefield (unfolded or mobile). if an ally is standing next to the model, he can spend his action points instead of the operator and reload the gun.

    Field Onager (catapult) – has similar assembly and folding mechanics – but requires 2 operators. One collects/disassembles the onager and reloads. The other fires and selects the type of ammunition.

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    Getting into the squad of field military vehicles occurs after the squad reaches certain conditions:
    1. The level of knowledge is 1250 “Professionals”, the ambition of “Attracting the attention of noble houses” is fulfilled. 2. The squad has a character with the prehistory of “The Apprentice”.
    3. In the training hall(located in the citadel), the specified character is trained for 2000 gold and receives a special perk and opens the tree of perks connected to military vehicles.

    The main purpose of field military vehicles is artillery support of the detachment against large and numerous opponents.

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